As a way of giving back to the province and supporting our young people, Steelformers pioneered their Steelformers Youth Boost.

Each month, they have chosen two school-age applicants from Taranaki who are struggling to fund their participation or secure training in sport, music, artistic or academic pursuits to receive a donation of $500 towards their chosen activity.

Over the past four years, close to $50,000 has been channelled through Youth Boost to boost the talents of our ambitious youngsters. This relieves the burden on whānau and is a valuable contribution to our local communities.

Now together with NP Partners and in partnership with the Taranaki Foundation, we’re offering other members of the NP Partners forum the opportunity to become involved in the programme.

This will be a strongly visible demonstration of community support, bringing a range of benefits to you and your brand. It will also enable us to support more young people across our city and district in excelling in their passions.